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    Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

    There is an ever-growing trend for quality content. With more and more businesses starting to realise just how powerful blogging can be - those that don’t blog are being pushed further down the rankings. Blogging is no longer a place to stuff keywords; it is a place for you to provide informative content for your target audience. By providing content that is focused around relevant search queries, you will not only attract search engine crawlers but you will also attract visitors and potential customers.
    You can read more about attracting visitors by reading our blog post: How to Attract Visitors to Your Website.
    Why Blogging is Important for Your Business
    Think about it… how many times have you sat with your other half, family, or friends and had to Google something to clear up a fact you can’t work out? I don’t know about you but I am always at it. Just this morning I googled “how to do smokey eyes” and came across Lisa Eldridge’s blog (http://www.lisaeldridge.com). Because the post is exactly what I was looking for and incredibly helpful I ended up ordering a couple of the products so I can try it out for myself. This is exactly why businesses should blog!
    If you put a personal touch to your blog posts and/or have google authorship, readers can relate more to the team behind the business. This builds trust with readers and encourages them to engage with and share your content.

    Blogging is Easy

    There are a number of platforms in which you can host your blog through including WordPress and BlogSpot. These are both free to use, however if you are a business I suggest you use WordPress and ask your web developer to integrate WordPress into your website. By doing this, the blog will blend with the rest of the website whilst still maintaining the functions and ease of use of WordPress.
    Once you have WordPress installed, there are a number of plugins that can help get your blog noticed such as Yoast. Yoast is an SEO plugin that will allow you to edit the meta title and description on each blog post.

    Those Who Are Blogging Get More Customers

    According to HubSpot, 60% of businesses that blog get more customers. If that isn’t a statistic that makes you want to start blogging, I don’t know what will. Remember, just blogging any old rubbish isn’t going to get you the customers I or others are promising. Blogging helpful information is what is going to get you the customers and rankings.
    To help get you those customers add a call-to-action or text links to your blog posts so that readers are encouraged to stay on the website. For example if you were writing a tutorial on how to do smokey eyes (might as well stick with the theme), you might want to add a call-to-action banner highlighting 10% off the products featured in that blog post.

    Blogging is The Heart of Online Marketing

    Just as a heart pumps blood to the rest of the body, blogging pumps content to the rest of your online marketing efforts. Once you have created your blog post you can use this to then create social posts and even use it for email marketing. For example I use my blog posts as a discussion point in Twitter hashtag discussions and LinkedIn groups.
    Not only will blogging help with social media but it will also help with SEO. By basing you blog topics around target audience search queries, you will start ranking higher for those search terms. This will especially happen if other bloggers and websites are linking to that post. You can obtain links naturally through blogging by posting unique and helpful content.

    Blogging Keeps You “In The Know”

    Because you are constantly reading industry news to keep up to date with your blog topics, your business is more than likely going to be ahead of competitors that don’t blog or don’t blog as often. For example, If you spot a change in trends in your industry and have evidence to show this change in trend, blogging about it before competitors is going to give you the advantage. This is the type of content that will generate links, engagement, and shares.
    Another great way of being “in the know” is if you can get your hands on a product before anyone else and do a blog post about it. This product could be from a brand that you sell on your ecommerce site. The blog post could be anything from a review to a tutorial.

    Blogging Gives You Insight into Customer Opinions

    By writing informative and shareable content, readers may start leaving comments. These comments are a great way to learn more about what your potential customers want. Take the time to reply to comments to encourage future engagement. Doing this will also help customers relate to the brand as they know the people behind the business are not only “real” but will take the time for customers. Think of blog comments as part of your customer service qualities.
    Take note of what readers are asking for possible future blog topics as if others may be asking the same question on search engines. Also take note of what your readers are talking about as you may just think of an idea to help make your website easier for customers to buy from.

    Get Your Blogging Shoes On

    I could write forever about why your business should start blogging but I am sure you have had enough of me for now. Blogging is a great way to naturally attract visitors to your website which is why you should get your blogging shoes on and start blogging today.
    Have you tried blogging yet? What difficulties have you faced? Let me know by leaving your comments below or by tweeting me @samanthalonguk.