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    What you need to know about the New Google AdWords Reporting Tool

    At the end of last year Google launched an entirely new AdWords reporting interface. This replaced the previous, slightly cumbersome, solution that required multiple Excel spreadsheets and often a pivot table to understand. Instead, the new version utilises graphs and tables to visually present the relevant data, making it much easier for users to interpret. Here we outline a few of the new features and benefits: Metric and Function Comparison Multiple metrics and functions can be compared with a few simple mouse clicks including search term, campaign, ad group, cost, Avg CPC and many more. Uncover data trends with chart options It’s now possible to access ‘Reporting’ through the tab at the top of the AdWords Screen and to use the simple drag and drop interface to view your data as a table, line/bar/pie chart. Hovering over graph points also gives you the name and any numerical data as well as a useful key outlining your selected metrics. Chart Filter Options In addition to the functionality above, there are also hundreds of filter options available through the filter icon. You might only want to look at live campaigns, or select a few to compare, look at network performance by device or analyse conversion categories by device. All of this is now possible. Multiple segment analysis A major benefit of the interface, in particular for corporate clients is the ability to overlay analysis of multiple segments such as device versus day of the week. The table view lets you easily compare performance across, for example, the same keyword but different match types. In addition, the ability to use bar charts is hugely useful in visualising data that could only previously be shown in tables. Reporting Tool Chart Options There is now the ability to export charts into Excel or PDF formats dependent on report type, as well as to automate these, having them sent out at regular intervals from a predefined list. The future for PPC management Whilst each of the new features delivers different functionality, all are beneficial if you are seeking new ways in which to maximise the performance of your campaigns and target customers more effectively. The expert view is that 2016 will continue to be massive for pay-per-click advertising so ensuring that you are up to speed on the latest developments can only help your business. If the output of your current analytics activity suggests that your bounce ratio at payment stage may be higher than desirable, why not contact the experts at Realex to see how our market-leading solutions could improve the customer journey and your conversion rates.