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    Record Breaking Online Shopping Figures
    Now that the Christmas rush is over, we are looking back at the record breaking eCommerce figures and trends from December 2012! This year we saw UK internet users make over 84 million visits to...
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    LinkedIn Hits 200 Million Users!
    Professional social network LinkedIn hit a huge milestone earlier this week, passing the 200 million user landmark across 200 countries worldwide! With 2 new users now joining every second, the social network has become a...
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    eCommerce Exhibit Manchester
    On Wednesday, our new ecommerce consultant Reece Dent headed to the eCommerce Exhibit at the Manchester Central Convention Centre. The one-day event had a leading line-up of big brand keynote speakers sharing first-hand insight into their...
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    Top Tips For Increasing Your Conversion Rates Over Christmas
    With Christmas slowly creeping up, there is still plenty of time to make changes to your site to help improve the all-important conversion rate over the festive period. eConsultancy.com have recently posted an impressive list...
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    Top Men’s eCommerce Trends
    When it comes to eCommerce, women have historically dominated the online market. With reports showing that women are generally more active online, and also spend more time on shopping websites, the women's online shopping market...
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    The Power of Email Marketing
    As you may be aware, Email marketing is a major component of electronic commerce, a powerful marketing solution to target your customers and promote your latest products and promotions. To showcase the importance of e-marketing within...
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    The Future Is Mobile Friendly!
    Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google famously said; “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy” - and we couldn't agree more! Mobile has shook up traditional consumer shopping habits and has...
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    Industry & SEO Updates for 2013
    In the ever evolving industry of online marketing, everyone is always looking forward to what is going to be the next big thing in the online sector. Here at Yoma we are no different, we...
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