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    Internet Retailing Expo 2013
    On Thursday, Yoma headed to the NEC, Birmingham for the highly anticipated Internet Retailing Expo. (more…)
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    Is Page Rank Still Relevant for SEO?
    *Google updated toolbar PageRank in December 2013, after this post was written. (more…)
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    Google Analytics Training
    As one of the most powerful Analytics tools for monitoring and analysing all important traffic to your website, Google Analytics provides an enormous amount of essential information for online businesses.  (more…)
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    Mobilegeddon continues with November 2nd update
    Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update, dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’ by the media, has been in effect for almost six months. (more…)
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    9 Reasons You Have a High Bounce Rate and How to Fix It
    In the simplest terms, a bounce rate is the percentage of online browsers who visit one of your web pages and then leave it without exploring your site further or taking any action. (more…)
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    What is Inbound Marketing?
    You may have heard of inbound marketing but do you know what it is? If you have been in the marketing industry for many years you may know what inbound marketing is, but do you...
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    User Testing for Businesses
    Knowing exactly how your customer navigates around your website is extremely important for eCommerce business owners! A great way to see first hand how your customers travel around your website, the issues that may arise and...
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