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    Yoma Take On Tough Mudder in Aid of The Whitechapel Centre
    Yoma Take On Tough Mudder in Aid of The Whitechapel Centre
    *** PRESS RELEASE *** Wednesday June 22, 2016; We are delighted to be putting forward a team of digital marketing professionals from our Liverpool offices, out of their comfort zones to take on the Tough Mudder...
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    Google Update – Panda 3.3 in Black and White!
    A new Panda update has been confirmed by Google at the same time as they announce 40 search updates that have either happened in the last month or are in the process of being implemented...
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    The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Magento: Magento vs Shopify
    Unfamiliar with the particulars of Magento and Shopify e-commerce platforms? Then this, the second instalment in our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Magento series explores some of the key differences between the two to help you...
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    2011 year of the HTML5 Video?
    HTML5 defines many new standards, one of which is a way to embed a video element <video>. <video> has been touted as a flash killer / replacement for the showing of content on for instance...
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    Congratulations Becky & Erwin
    We are pleased to announce that in the past month, 2 members of the Yoma team have passed the Official Certified Magento Developer Exam! Magento Certified Developer Exams are geared toward professional Magento developers who want...
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    Getting To Grips With HTML5
    Book Review: HTML5 for Web Designers - Jeremy Keith With the HTML5 specification not yet finalised and the availability of features across browsers patchy at best, many people in the industry still see getting to...
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    Ecommerce Christmas Spending Season
    Christmas comes early online and is without a doubt the busiest shopping period for eCommerce sites, so to help get your website seasonally ready, we have compiled a few helpful tips to prepare your business...
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    Four Ways Brands Should Use Pinterest
    Watch out Facebook and Twitter, there is a new player on the scene. Over the past year a new social media platform called Pinterest has gone from strength to strength. It is estimated that in...
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