Who Will Be The Real SEO Hero Competition Winner?

The hour is almost upon us, it is not long to go now. The Wix SEO hero contest is due to conclude in a few days and maybe, some lucky business or individual will beat the organizers at their own game to the top spot for $50000.

If you didn’t know already, the challenge was to score more highly in the search engine rankings for the term ‘SEO hero’ than the sponsors, Wix.

Why would Wix want to give away such a huge chunk of their money?

Well, partly in order to prove a point. There have been dark murmurings that websites built in Wix did not perform as natural search engine optimization winners and that, basically, they were not the best choice of website.

And particularly as they are in stiff competition with rivals WordPress, they decided to launch this SEO hero contest, to show that they are indeed a great platform to use.

The use of the search term ‘SEO hero’ is an attempt to celebrate all the SEO heroes out there, who are helping their clients and others, conquer the steep mountain of internet marketing.

Because as anyone who works in SEO or even has a passing knowledge of it knows, it really is a long hard slog that feels like climbing Mount Everest. But unlike climbing Mount Everest, when you do finally get there, that is not the end of it!

In fact, that is where the hard work begins, because as an reputable long island seo, SEOHeroMedia.com working away for your clients, you have to maintain that position and when you get to the summit of mount Google, the next thing you have to do is ensure that all those visitors to the website convert into sales. And then you want to make sure that they return…

Wix knows that this is a long hard task, so wanted to reward those SEO heroes who were dedicated enough to do it.

So, does this mean that the ultimate winners of the competition are to be – well – the outright winner.

Well here are seoheromedia we think there may be more to winning the SEO hero competition, than being the competitor who ranks first for the search terms!seo-hero-bluee

There are other winners too. Like the sponsors Wix. They can barely fail to be generating publicity from this. With over a hundred competitors and the world of SEO watching closely, the final leg of this contest will surely be closely monitored.

If no one can beat them and fail to outrank them for the search term ‘SEO hero’ then they pledge to give half of the prize money to good causes. So, these are another potential winner of the race.

But also, in this eventuality, then actually the runners up will all also get a share of the winnings. The three next highest ranking websites receive a third each of the remainder.

So even a ‘loser’ might yet win in the race to be crowned search engine optimization winner!

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